A Strike Away


I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated this page but to be honest I didn’t think anyone but Josh and David ever looked at it.  I’ve received numerous (2) requests to keep it updated so I will do my best.  We’ve been keeping score since May and after 4 months the overall scores were getting a bit stagnant.  Even if one of us had a monster night it would only raise the overall score one or two points.  So to keep things interesting we’ve developed a 4 month season.  The first season ended on August 31st and I’m pleased to say that I came out the victor!

Overall Average

Chris    125

Josh     114

David    109

Mark     104

 The new season will run from Sept-Dec.  Josh came out swinging and took the early lead but after this week I reclaimed the top spot.  Now the trick is going to maintain the average to stay on top.  The first game on Wednesday was amazing.  We all had very high scores so it looks like this season is going to be competitive.

 There is one thing that concerns me…we’re not getting better.  We’ve been bowling every week since February and I assumed after 7 months of bowling almost every week we would be much better but it hasn’t turned out that way.  I’m not sure how to get any better either.  We could buy our own bowling balls but none of us really want to do that.  So I guess we’ll just see what happens but my goal this season is to bowl a game in the 200s. 

 Here’s the standings so far:

Overall Average – Fall Season 

Chris    129

Josh     123

David   114



We had another turkey last night!  David had a very impressive night with a turkey and a personal high of 170.  Good job David!



Last night was jam packed with all sorts of records.  I set a new high score, David set a new low score and we finally saw the ever elusive turkey!  I bowled three strikes in a row on the last game on my way to a 171.  While I was experiencing bowling nirvana, David was busy bowling a 65…  And Josh had another very good night of consistent bowling.  All in all a good night.


Another rough night at the bowling alley.  Last night only Josh and I bowled and apparently we need people watching us to bowl well.  Needless to say our averages fell this week.


It was an interesting night at the bowling alley.  I held steady on my average, Josh and Mark both saw their averages drop and David had a monster of a game.  Not only did he post a new high game but he also raised his average by 9 points!  Well done David.  As for Josh… it wasn’t pretty.  I think he was more preoccupied with pizza than bowling.


Here are the standings from last nights round of games.  We now welcome Mark into the mix and he did very well for himself.  On the whole everyone raised their average up.  I posted a new high game and, sadly, David posted a new low game.


Welcome to the very hastily put together association.  Myself, Josh Kryzak and David Reeve ( and various other bowlers) have been bowling every Wednesday for well over two months now and we’ve decided to keep stats.  If you’re already bored you can go back to work (boring), go back to the main page (awesome) or go surf for a new way to cook chicken (let me know how it tastes).

As the official score keeper of the group I will post them here for you to judge, mock and laugh at us.  Any discrepancies, comments or motions will be taken up by the committee and then promptly denied.  Just telling it like it is.

Here we go:

Chris    129
Josh     123
David    114

6 responses to “A Strike Away

  1. I don’t know whether I’m proud or worried that my hubby is the top bowler…

  2. 81 – DANG Dave.
    May I remind you that I bowled a 279 – granted it was Wii bowling but that is still awesome!

  3. chris, we appreciate you keeping score. i know it’s not secretary appreciation week, but who cares! we appreciate you chris!

  4. how many people can say they hold the lowest and highest scores at the same time?!

  5. i once bowled for soup.

  6. Awesome game last night David—atta way to play!

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