A Song Away

Hello all, I’m Lefty Punchdrunk and I’m here to help guide you through all the horrible music out there and help you find the gems.  People are making great music, it’s just hard to find sometimes.

First, to all the people who think I’m a music snob…I am.  I can’t help, I am and I’m not going to try and hide it.  Yes there are some good songs on the radio but for the most part it’s all manufactured, cookie cutter, over produced garbage.  So for the most part I don’t listen to the radio.  But this is a good thing!  I’m doing all the hard work sorting through the vast ocean of undiscovered music to show you what’s worth listening too, what sucks and what should never be heard by human ears.

I’m not sure how this page is going to work yet.  Should I just give you a long list of my favorite bands?  Eh.  Should I give you one band a week?  Maybe.  I guess we’ll just have to take this ride and see where it takes us.  I promise it will be fun and you will discover some new music.  I don’t expect you to like everything I suggest and I won’t call you names when you sing along with the radio.  I do it too sometimes.  I just ask that you give it a try.  And please comment!

Now I would like to introduce you to Mudcrutch.

That guy on the right who looks like he wants to eat your soul?  And possibly a kitten?  That’s the great Tom Petty, circa 1977.  Mudcrutch was Petty’s band before he formed The Heartbreakers.  He recently got the old band back together and they put out an amazing CD.  Imagine Tom Petty mixed with country and a hint of Bluegrass…  That sounded better in my head, just trust me on this one.  If you like Petty you’ll love this CD.  If you have iTunes you can listen to the 30 second samples of the songs or you can go here:


http://www.myspace.com/mudcrutchmusic  Even Petty has a myspace page.

Give them a try and let me know what you think.



One response to “A Song Away

  1. where’s my new music for the week??

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