A day in the life of…

Here is a brief glimpse into the internet messaging world of Josh and Chris.  Please enjoy.


Josh: if you die, you die.

Chris: that’s blunt

Josh: Chris, we are all going to die… that is 100% true.

Josh: you can’t fight it forever

Chris: but I can hide for a while

Chris: you can’t say with 100% accuracy that I’m going to die

Chris: you can say that 100% of the people who have died were alive but who knows what science will bring us

Josh: I will say with 100% accuracy that science will never be able to make man (or animals) immortal

Josh: I would bet my life on it!

Chris: whoa

Chris: if you could would you want to live forever?

Josh: no way

Chris: why not

Josh: I have a feeling your quality of life would deteriorate

Chris: in my immortality you stay the same age, like a vampire

Chris: so you’re 31 forever

Josh: ewe… can I choose a different age.

Chris: um…yes

Josh: I will be 17 like edward cullin

Chris: but it can’t be in the past

Chris: you can’t go backwards. so if you were currently 17 you could pick that but since you’re past it you can’t

Josh: think about how sad it would be to see everyone you love die

Chris: you’re going to experience the majority of that anyways

Josh: you don’t know that

Chris: by that logic you should kill yourself right now so you wouldn’t have to deal with the loss

Josh: you say the dumbest things sometimes

Chris: ha, do not

Josh: Chris logic… if you say it would be sad to see everybody die… you should kill yourself.

Josh: nice leap

Chris: it’s a bit harsh but I stand by it

Josh: you’re dumb

Chris: if you did that you wouldn’t see anyone die, right?

Chris: problem solved!

Josh: I just said it would be sad… I’m not being suicidal

Chris: I may not want to live forever but I would like to live for a very long time

Chris: but I don’t want to be a vampire

Josh: 85 years sounds good to me

Chris: I’m thinking 200 years

Josh: nah, too long… I am lowering mine to 80

Chris: ok, I’m going up to 225

Josh: are we negotiating?

Chris: maybe?

Chris: I’m not sure how this works, my manual is on backorder

Josh: Chris…

Josh: I just threw up a bunch of bacon

Josh: here’s the weird part, I haven’t eaten bacon in weeks

Chris: oh no

Chris: oh no!!!!!!!

Chris: josh, kill yourself

Chris: it’s the only way

Josh: my gun is right here… loaded and ready to go

Chris: NO!!!

Chris: I was kidding

Chris: we’re gullies, I think if you kill yourself I have to

Chris: or I at least have to attempt it

Josh: oh no, my bullets have turned into pork chops!

Chris: this is not good

Josh: I pulled the trigger and ham squirted out!

Chris: awesome

Chris: youtube it

Chris: josh…

Josh: yes

Chris: Ashley is going to a Mexican restaurant for happy hour


Chris: she’s as good as gone

Chris: I hope she said goodbye to Owen

Josh: increase the life ins policy!!

Chris: I’m on it!

Chris: btw: I’m blogging this entire conversation

Josh: no you aren’t.  you didn’t even blog our last misadventures… you’re too lazy

Chris: yes I am lazy but I’ll post this

Chris: I think people would enjoy our thoughts on death and pig disease

Josh: so what is the starting point?  this WHOLE session?

Chris: oh yeah

Chris: I may edit for content

Chris: I’m going to start with Josh: if you die, you die

Chris: and go up to Chris: I’m going to start with Josh: if you die, you die

Josh: awesome, and loop it over and over again!

Chris: bingo

Josh: FYI, I might be getting into the hog trap business

Chris: that’s the smartest thing you’ve ever said

Josh: I hope not

Chris: ok, I’m out of here, got to go get the chosen one


3 responses to “A day in the life of…

  1. it bothers me that i find this normal

  2. Sister Jackie

    You two need to get a hobby (besides bowling and each other) and a therapist (maybe couples counseling)!

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