[Deep Breath] Baby Registering

It seems that at all the big events in your life people are expected to buy you things.  Birthdays, graduation, weddings, anniversaries.  It’s just what we do I suppose.  Don’t get me wrong, I love presents.  I’m a big fan of Christmas and I love getting birthday presents.  And our wedding?  Come on, that was awesome!  We got to go to the stores we wanted to and make a list of things we expected people to buy us.  What more can you ask for?

Here’s what I didn’t know, what the women folk don’t tell you.  There’s a catch.  It’s called the baby registry.  On the surface it seems a lot like registering for a wedding.  You go to a store, they give you a cool gun and you get to zap to your hearts delight.  That’s what I thought when Ashley and I set out to register the other day.  After 5 minutes I realized I was in way over my head.  At about minute 6 I realized the giant difference between a wedding and baby registry, want vs. need.  When we picked out stuff for the wedding we were like kids in a candy store.  It’s was no holds barred, if you want it you scan it.  A toaster, scan it!  A blender, we want that!  Hey look, a huge silver platter we’ll never use, let’s get it!  Look a river of chocolate, honey a unicorn!  It was like Xanadu.

Now we’re registering for a baby and those kids in the candy store have grown up and are now preparing for a war (If you don’t have kids you think I’m over reacting, if you have kids you’re nodding and laughing at me).  As we started walking around Babies R Us I realized this isn’t a store like Pottery Barn, full of things that are nice but not necessary.  This is the last stop before the bomb is dropped and you need supplies to survive.

Ashley starts, “Burp cloths, we need burp cloths!”  “Grab the boppy!”  “What’s a boppy?”  “I don’t know, just grab it!”  “Bottles, we have to have bottles!”  “I thought you were breast feeding?”  “Are you retarded, get the bottles!”  Now imagine that for two hours and you’ll get the basic idea of what it was like…ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, but it was rough.  Babies need a lot of stuff!  I feel like we scanned everything in the store but I’m sure we missed some stuff that is vital to a babies survival.

As we were walking in the store Ashley said that Andi and my sister wanted to go with us to register but I thought that was crazy.  We’re adults, we can do this.  After the first hour I not only wanted Andi AND Jackie there but I wanted my mom, Ashley’s mom and any other mom I could get a hold of.  So gentlemen, if you go baby registering and a mom offers to go with you, count your lucky stars and say yes.  And then buy them lunch.


4 responses to “[Deep Breath] Baby Registering

  1. Hahahah. This made me laugh so hard I cried a little. It’s true! It’s sooo overwhelming! So Mom’s everywhere – look over our registries at Target and Babies R Us and HELP!!

  2. I had my sister go with me…I’m no fool! Don’t worry, the only thing you need the first few weeks are Ashley’s boobs and a boppy. You have plenty of time to figure out the rest.

  3. Told you so! I went once w/ Kari, a second time w/ Brett and then updated the list online at least once a week until Jack arrived. Pretty sure I changed my mind on strollers a dozen times! So I ended up with three!!

  4. Elizabeth Nichols

    Friends and family are a good resource for creating a baby registry. You can also look online for lots of help with lists (good and bad). Don’t overdo it…have fun.

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