As you all know (all 4 of my readers) I am about to enter a new, wonderful, scary, time of my life.  I am going to be a father…let that sink in a bit… a father.  Let me give you a little history first.  I spent about 28 years of my life knowing for a fact that I would not have children.  I didn’t want them, they didn’t want me and the world was rotating splendidly.

Then I met Ashley and everything changed for me.  Suddenly I could see myself changing diapers and going to soccer games and not wanting to tear my hair out.  I wanted children… they were considering me.  Fast forward–we moved in, got married, deeply in love– Ashley says, it’s time.  I say, let’s do this.

Now sometimes it can take months to years for couples to finally conceive.  It took us 6 days.  Apparently my application to be a father was approved by TUFAA (The Unborn Fetus Association of America) and I got pushed right to the front of the line.  6 days!  I thought I would have at least a month to prepare myself but not so much.  This is God’s way of punishing me for living a life of impatience.  It’s ok, I deserve it.

I should be scared to death that I’m about to be responsible for a life but I’m not.  What’s scary is how excited I am.  I’m having a boy!  I’m going to teach him to throw a football and how to drive and I’ll show him how to be ignored by women.  I can’t wait until he gets here so I can create a miniature version of me and completely drive Ashley crazy. 


2 responses to “Fatherhood

  1. awww…i love you!

  2. I love you, too, Chris! This was an adorable expression of how a new father feels and, I’m sorry to say Ashley, incredibly true. Brandon is exactly like Joe and is making me crazy the older he gets! Good luck, you guys!

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