You are, I am…

You’re the best and the coolest.  I’m the worst and the dumbest.  You are like fresh air.  I am like car exhaust.  You are a cuddly puppy.  I’m the lizard fish from the tsunami.  You are a fresh spring rain.  I am a hail storm.  You are sunshine and roses.  I am fog and stink blossoms.  You are a first kiss.  I am a divorce after 25 years.  You are an unexpected gift.  I am an overdue bill.  You are the last day of school.  I am the first day of summer school for kids who can’t read.  You are a picnic in the park.  I am a visit to the proctologist.  You are a fine wine.  I am three month old buttermilk.  You are Burt’s Bees.  I am Charlie’s Crap Gloss.  You are a new 4Runner.  I am an rusted Hyundai.  You are the apple of my eye.  I am the burning sensation that won’t go away.  You are the fountain of youth.  I am the grim reaper.  You are a three course meal.  I am a crappy ham sandwich without mustard.  You are loved by all.  I am despised by most.  You have great friends.  I have evil enemies.  You are a great movie.  I am a public service announcement.  You are a classic book.  I’m a dime store detective novel.  You are Halloween.  I am flag day.  You can lift very heavy objects.  I have the muscles of a 10 year old girl.  You are very wise.  I’m a dunce.  You are happy and fun loving.  I’m in a glass cube of emotion.  You smell like fresh roses and lavender.  I reek of meat and cheese.

Add your own in the comments.


3 responses to “You are, I am…

  1. chris, i know this poetry was written about me and i thank you for sharing this with everyone. However, it always angers me when you treat Flag Day like some second class holiday.

  2. this makes me sad.

  3. You are Jack’s beating heart. I am Jack’s spastic colon.

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