MS 85?

Last weekend was the MS 150, a 150 mile bike ride from Frisco to Ft. Worth.  This year is the third year that I’ve done this and I love it.  It’s hard as hell, it makes my entire body hurt and I curse myself but I still do it every year.

This year however the MS 150 is the MS 85 for me.  Actually…it was 90 miles.  I’ll explain that part later.  First of all it was very windy on Saturday and riding a bike into the wind is not much fun.  So I had that to deal with.  Then about 30 miles in me and 4 other people missed a turn and wound up going 5 miles out of the way.  Thankfully one of the guys I was riding with had GPS on his phone and we realized it before we hit the Oklahoma border.  So I’m back on track and making progress.  My legs are killing me but I’m clipping off the miles pretty good.  At about mile 75 another rider pulls up next to me and tells me my back tire is out of balance.  We stopped to take a look and I had broken a spoke.  Hence the above picture.  I made it to the next rest stop and a mechanic balanced my tire but he said I shouldn’t ride on it on Sunday.  So my MS 150 became the MS 85, or uh, 90.  But at least I crossed the finish line on Saturday!

Does this deter me?  Of course not!  I’ll be back out there next year, punishing myself again.  Be on the lookout for me asking for money again.

And to Josh, one of my many (by many I mean three) readers, it’s time for your prize!  You name it.


2 responses to “MS 85?

  1. hey! about ’bout a shout out to the wonderful woman who had to drive your butt around and pick up your car?!

  2. I ride. Maybe we should ride together sometime or you could just come back to workout.

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