Allow myeslf to introduce…myself

Hey there world wide internet.  The internet?  They have that on computers now?  My name is Chris and if you want to read the crazy rantings of a 30 something/adolescent man then you’ve come to the right place.  I’ll use this platform to discuss all sorts of things including movies, music, cars, sports, my family, becoming a FATHER!!

And from time to time there will be guest writers on this site.  Lefty Punchdrunk is my music/movie correspondent and he probably hates whatever you’re watching/listening to.  Don’t blame him, he’s had a troubled life.  Claus Hagelman will pop in if I need to flee the country…or go grocery shopping.  And 4×4 John handles all things bowling/dangerous/crazy/rude and strange.  He’s basically me but the 4 wheel drive version.

PS. Most of my posts will probably have a Simpsons or random movie quote.  If you pick it out and give me the name of the movie or the episode of the Simpsons then you win a prize!*

*The prize will probably suck and you’ll probably never see it.  But sit by the mailbox just in case.


3 responses to “Allow myeslf to introduce…myself

  1. Well Chris, I like the design. I like the image at the top. I’d recognize that pole anywhere. And I won’t guess at the Simpson’s references, I’ll give the other kids a chance to play. But I bet I will win the most comments award.

  2. i know the quote! “The internet? They have that on computers now?” (i may have got it on my second guess but i still beat the others.)

    Yay Me!

  3. Josh does like to comment on stuff.

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